CitiObs_ Enhancing Citizen Observatories
for healthy, sustainable, resilient and inclusive cities (G.A. 101086421)

Description: CitiObs will consolidate and apply tools and practicebased knowledge for co-creating data, knowledge and local action via Citizen Observatories (COs): these tools will enhance existing and new citizen observatories to engage citizens and marginalised communities, add value to environmental observations in the urban context, increase and validate citizen observations of the urban environment as part of the existing in-situ Earth Observation systems, co-create inclusive local actions for sustainability and ensure that CO data contributes to research and policy development towards the objectives of the European Green Deal. To ensure broad use, the CitiObs tools and approaches will be developed in co-creation with COs in 5 Frontrunner cities, finetuned with 30 Implementer cities and showcased to 50 Fellow cities.
Duration: 1 January 2023- 31 December 2026

DigiCirc_ Digital innovations for the Circular Economy (G.A. 873468)

Description: The EU-funded DigiCirc project will permit SMEs to leverage digital technology as a key enabler for innovative circular products, services and business models to meet the goals that EU circular economy policies set. The project will establish and coordinate the DigiCirc innovation network, bringing together a wide range of stakeholders. This ecosystem will establish the foundation for an integrated, dynamic and cross-border/sector open space for innovation performed through the DigiCirc accelerators that are managed by innovation specialists able to transform validated concepts into solid business models towards a commercial launch.
Duration: 1 May 2020- 31 March 2023

FER-PLAY_ Multiassessment of alternative fertilisers
for promoting local sustainable value chains and clean ecosystems (G.A. 101060426)

Description: Fertilisers made from secondary raw materials like biowaste, sewage sludge and manure can help achieve these EU targets, but they are currently being held back by insufficient information about their value, technical viability and legislation. To boost awareness, the EU-funded FER-PLAY project will bring together key players from the entire alternative fertiliser value chain. It will map different value chains, choose the most promising ones and then evaluate their impacts.
Duration: 1 September 2022- 28 February 2025

UP2030_ Urban Planning and design ready for 2030 (G.A. 101096405)

Description: UP2030 aims to guide cities through the socio-technical transitions required to meet their climate neutrality ambitions. It will do so by enabling a quantum leap from a “business as usual”, project-by-project decarbonisation approach to a vision-driven, strategybased approach that is anchored on sound projects and renewed policy development. The approach uses urban planning and design as a vehicle to create better connected, more compact, net-zero neighbourhoods in the city pilots – i.e. neighbourhoods that promote liveability and, through designing with intent, promote mitigation action.
Duration: 1 January 2023- 31 December 2025


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