Who we are

Founded in 2021, DReVen is as a spin-out company from its mother company (DRAXIS Environmental SA).

DReVen provides advanced product exploitation and disseminates scientific results on state-of-the-art solutions for a wide range of sectors.

DReVen relies on an extended network of highly advanced individuals and cutting edge technologies available through its mother company.

The company focuses on promoting real life environmental ICT solutions by designing, and combining technologies and information systems, mobile applications, crowdsourcing platforms, digital services and other software solutions mainly in the fields of climate change, air quality, energy and circular economy.

DReVen is empowered by its people who are all competent professionals and experts in their respective fields and have various backgrounds, such as Physicists, Engineers, Geologists, IT engineers, etc.

Having an experienced diverse pool of professionals, the company invests in research, so as to keep up with the latest scientific advances; this, coupled with its active involvement in European research projects, enables the company to provide top quality services and high standards.

Through its mother company, DReVen has connections to environmental stakeholders, NGOs and other Think tanks and Working Groups.



Thinking out-of-the-box leads us to creative solutions


We are consistently reliable throughout any process we undertake.


We use every bit of advancement to the merit of the final solution. We use the most valuable resources.


We set goals, we find solutions we see the project! We make sure it all happens.


No theory without practice! We are interested in applicable theories. Well documented – well monitored process –keep advancing.


Actual needs drive the market. Being in close contact with the users helps us stay in touch with the real needs.


DReVen staff is strongly supported by its mother company. A team of 20 highly skilled experts as well as a wide network of external associates are available ensuring the materialization of the various projects in their technical and consultation needs. The management and administration teams as well as the market exploitation personnel (2 people) are based in Brussels but they operate wherever needed.


Rue de la Loi 26, b7
1040 Brussels, Belgium



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